Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Mary Kay Dream

Seasons Unit

To build a personal team of God-centered, family-oriented, first-class women who will join me in changing the face and perception of Mary Kay Cosmetics. To promote an image that is young, yet timeless, confident, yet feminine. – My Mary Kay Vision

One day, I’m going to be a Mary Kay Director. I know it. This company was built on the shoulders of the women on the bottom - where we all came from. We strive every day to move up the Ladder of Success, to build our business, to succeed. The beauty of this company is that we have all started from the bottom. We have all started with two things… a starter kit and a dream.

I have decided that the name of my unit will be Seasons. I’m claiming it now, that I will have a unit one day that I will get to name. My entire life I have heard Ecclesiastes 3:1. It’s my mother’s favorite verse:

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

There are many ups and downs to this business. There are many seasons of life and there are many seasons of a Mary Kay career. Some seasons will be better than others. There will be highs and lows, but as long as we remember that God is in charge of those changes, we will be okay. As long as we remember that everything has a time and a purpose, we will be okay. We may not know His reasons, but to everything, there is a season.

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